The members of APC – Sociedade de Advogados, RL have been established in a successful partnership since 1972 practising Law in various areas, such as Corporate, Administrative, Employment, Investments, Litigation and Arbitration.

In 2008, the four partners merged in a Law Firm and started a strategic growth. From then we spread our activity to specifically assist entrepreneurs in the tourism area (travel agencies, transportation) and in the urbanization and the land planning areas, both for private and local public administration.

More recently, we have started a new branch in the East Algarve (Cacela), in partnership with Vasco Ramires Fernandes, especially dedicated to European investors.

Our practise is lead by three major principles: to seek for the most efficient legal solutions to protect the legitimate interests of our Clients; to work in multidisciplinary teams to achieve integrated goals with minimum costs; to make previous analysis of chances and risks in order to suit our work to the needs and aims of our Clients

Our image has been built along the past years by full dedication and personal liaison between each one of our professionals and our Clients.